PDF Reader Premium on the Cutting-Edge: Cloud Service and Expanded Functions

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Creative, News and Events


Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader Premium (for iPhone/iPad) is already one of the most popular ways to view, annotate and share PDFs—just ask our 17 million plus users. We’ve always pledged to keep PDF Reader Premium updated with the most cutting-edge functions. Now, in this latest update, we’ve made good on our word, in a very big way. We’ve converted PDF Reader Premium from a premier stand-alone application for reading, annotating and sharing PDFs, into a full-fledged PDF management suite, complete with the Kdan Cloud service. Convert PDFs to other formats; split, merge, extract and insert; add watermarks; backup files in 2GB of cloud space; and sync files on multiple devices. If you have a PDF problem, PDF Reader Premium has the solution.

Kdan Cloud

Technological advances tend to make things simpler and more complex all at the same time. We now have the flexibility of working on the go-between desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. While you are still wondering what the downside is to this interoperability, we are thinking one step ahead. By subscribing to the Kdan Cloud as an in-app purchase, PDF Reader Premium users can now back-up PDFs in 2GB of cloud space and synchronize their files on multiple devices. You will never again need to look through your devices for files; they are all in one safe place.

Worried about version control? With the Kdan Cloud, you won’t be tripped up by multiple versions of the same file. When you add notes to a PDF in PDF Reader Premium on your iPhone, save to Kdan Cloud and with a few taps download the updated file to PDF Reader Premium on your iPad. And what if one of your devices is lost or stolen? Don’t sweat it—your files are backed-up in the Kdan Cloud. Our cloud service is the ultimate solution to the disorder and risk that comes with the convenience of working on multiple devices.

The Deluxe Business Pack

Kdan offers two subscription packages for the Kdan Cloud: Kdan Cloud, and the Deluxe Business Pack. Both packages provide access to the Kdan Cloud, featuring 2GB of storage for file back-up and file synchronization between multiple devices. For users who need to do more with PDFs, the Deluxe Business Pack transforms PDF Reader Premium into a full-fledged PDF management suite: convert PDFs to HTML or text files; split and merge PDFs; extract and insert PDF pages, and add watermarks. With a one-time payment, you can access the Kdan Cloud and expanded functions on multiple devices, and also via Kdan’s other leading PDF reader app, PDF Connoisseur. Choose between the Kdan Cloud and Deluxe Business Pack, and get the services that you need—no more and no less.

With this latest update, Kdan Mobile has made good on our promise to keep PDF Reader Premium on the cutting edge. Bring your professional or home office to new levels of efficiency, convenience and security with the Kdan Cloud and PDF Reader Premium’s expanded functions.



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