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Remembering those days when you need to copy spreadsheets by hand or run back and forth from the office printer? Time has changed the way we do things. While “there is an app for it” has become a latest norm, we at Kdan Mobile has created not just an app that saves the hassle of your document chores.Our Pocket Scanner brings up a notch to cover all aspects of your productivity needs: Pocket Scanner scans, converts and reads your documents whenever and wherever you want!

More Than Just a Scanner

Pocket Scanner is more than just a scanner. Use the various filters and photo editing tools to enhance scan quality, and convert and share scans as PDFs with a few taps. Also, unlike other scanner apps, Pocket Scanner is integrated with a large number of cloud services, and equipped with a built-in Document reader compatible with common file types (PDF, Word, HTML, IMG).

Its wide repertoire of tools and intuitive UI has made Pocket Scanner the #1 Business App in the US and 21 other countries.

Previously offered for USD $2.99, Pocket Scanner is now available for FREE!


Fine-tuned for the Latest iOS 8 and Perfect for your iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

Better yet, the iOS 8 update gives you quick access to Pocket Scanner features via your iPhone’s photo library. Pocket Scanner looks great on your iPhone 6 and 6+’s pin-sharp display, and features enhanced user experience thanks to new iOS 8 extensions.


[ Photo Extension ]

Apply Filters in Photos App

Convert Images to PDF















New iOS 8 extensions greatly enhance your workflow. Instead of switching to Pocket Scanner to edit or convertimages to PDF, you can perform these tasks within the Photo App directly. Work on multiple images with 9 built-in filters and convert to a single multipage PDF.



[ Touch ID ]

Unlock Private Folder with Touch ID


Instead of a password, only your fingerprint is needed to unlock your private folder (currently available on iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini3). The Touch-ID secured private folder makes Pocket Scanner the perfect office solution.










Customize Your Scanner with Kdan Cloud (and Yes, Kdan Cloud is FREE!)

No need to switch to other PDF apps to handle PDF annotations. Kdan Cloud now offers versatile annotation tools (freehand drawing, shapes, stamps, signature, and watermark) right inside Pocket Scanner.

All the files uploaded in Pocket Scanner or other Kdan PDF apps can be managed and organized on our web portal. Every document you upload on Kdan Cloud is now accessible from other Kdan PDF apps and devices. Sign up to Kdan Cloud to enjoy free 500mb storage space.





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*Pocket Scanner built-in filters include Grey Scale, Binarization, Exposure, Contrast, Blur, Detection, Gamma Correct, Edge Enhancement and Shadow Remove.



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