Post-Production for Animation Projects. Animation Desk Cloud Now Works Seamlessly with Write-on Video Cloud.

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Creative, News and Events

We strive to make your animation-making journey less overwhelmed. Animation Desk has provided you with a set of tools to animate, but we don’t want you to stop just there. Our latest effort stretches animation making into video production. Animation Desk Cloud has now joint force with Write-On Video Cloud, Kdan’s other creative tool, so you get  to seamlessly import your animation projects to the powerful video editing app for post-production. Better yet, Write-On Video Cloud is absolutely FREE!

Here’s how you make use of the features on Write-on Video Cloud to enhance your animation work:

  • Merge videos with special transition effects


  • Add background music and audio clips


  • Add subtitles and create speech bubbles for your animated characters


  • Decorate your video with the extensive selection of stickers and drawings


  • Make a script and story book for your animation



Import videos from Animation Desk to Write-on Video Cloud in 2 steps

On the project management page, slide to the project you want to export. Tap “Export”, then “Open in Write-on Video”.


Before you know it, your file is moved to Write-on Video Cloud, where you can make use of all the extended video editing tools.

Download Write-on Video Cloud now for FREE and check it out!



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