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From the beginning, the purpose of our Creativity 365 Suite of apps was to help users “unleash their creativity.” One group we felt would really take advantage of our mobile tools was students. So this fall, we posted a challenge to both ourselves and to a team of two very capable students from Shih Chien University in Taipei, Taiwan: using the apps in the suite, create a video that demonstrates the versatility of the Creativity 365 in a classroom setting.

Ryan Obrien and Patty Peng were the students chosen for the job. Thanks to their hard work, in collaboration with the design team here at Kdan, the finished product, in our opinion, turned out great!


Right out of the gate, our interns started using Creativity 365 to plan the project out. Anyone who’s worked on advertisements or other video projects understands that step one is the storyboard. That’s where Animation Desk came into play.

Even though the students and members of the Kdan marketing team involved don’t have an animation background, we were able to use the app to set up a storyboard and get everyone on the same page:storyboard (1)

Once the pre-production planning was complete, the filming process began!

Showing off the Possibilities of Creativity 365

Thanks to our interns’ hard work, and with support from their fellow classmates that stood in as actors, Patty and Ryan were able gather footage that showcases the teamwork, versatility, and mobility that’s possible with the Creativity 365 apps!


Our Markup App lets students, teachers, and teams add notes to different PDFs. In Isaac’s case, he added some notes to his sheet music and then had the music automatically move forward with the auto-flow feature!


Whether you’re using Animation Desk, Write-on Video, or NoteLedge for class projects, you can turn anywhere into your creative studio thanks to the mobile-friendly design of the apps.

And a bonus detail…all of the footage was taken with iPhones, showing that you don’t need professional equipment to create awesome projects with Creativity 365!

unnamed (1)-min

If you’re a fan of handwritten notes and just want an easy way to store them, Pocket Scanner is a great solution. Scan notes, save them for later, and even add annotations as you study!

share between any device-min (2)
Our creative solutions are cross-device…meaning the apps can be downloaded on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Projects started on one device can be seamlessly finished on another.

For group projects, it’s the perfect solution for easily sharing information between classmates, regardless of what type of device they prefer.

Post-Production Collaboration

For anyone that’s familiar with our apps, you’ll notice that Write-on Video is nowhere to be seen in the video…that’s because it was being used in the background by Patty and Ryan! Once the raw footage was taken, our student team started to make the initial rounds of edits with Kdan’s very own video-editing software.

One of the strengths of Write-on Video, and Kdan’s other apps, is that they’re designed in a way so that projects started on smart devices are easy to transfer to other desktop platforms for the final stages. And that’s exactly what happened as the final video started to take shape.

After Patty and Ryan finished the initial editing, they submitted their work to our design team. The students, marketing team, and designers came together to add the final edits and post-production graphics to the video.

Learn More about Our Education Tools

If you enjoyed this video, and are curious about how the apps in Creativity 365 can benefit your educational experience, you can visit our Creative Store to learn about the special offers available to teachers, students, and institutions!

If you’d like to connect with Patty and Ryan to follow their careers, they’re on LinkedIn and Instagram!

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