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We wanted to wish you a happy “Social Media Day” by dedicating this post to talking about the impact that social media has in our world. Social media is absolutely everywhere, we all use it. There’s so much that can be accomplished from a few simple clicks of a mouse on the internet and it is easy to connect across the globe in a matter of seconds.

For example: as soon as I finish typing this piece as I sit by the pool in my Boston apartment, I will send it more than halfway around the world to Taiwan to be posted in a matter of minutes. If you sit back and think about that fact – it is pretty wild, isn’t it?

Summer time in Boston

Welcome to summertime in Boston

Let’s Talk Numbers

Learning about the demographics in social media is important to be able to gain a critical understanding of how crucial social networks are to everyday life. Social media numbers are also very important to businesses and their marketing plan. The use of social media can help spread the word about a certain product, increase purchases, and raise incentives.

In 2016, it was determined that there were 2.34 billion people worldwide who had a social media account (statistics from Statista Social Media Statistics & Facts).

It is easier to connect with a customer on social channels, and communicate to the audience on the web. Having a good social media presence can up a company’s reputation in generous ways. We always get a kick of those accounts that have their own unique personality online. The numbers that companies use in their social media research is crucial for creating a plan of the direction they should go in the future. If the numbers are good, the sales are good, and response is also solid – this is a good indication that a company should continue on a similar path. The beauty of social media is that it all begins with experimentation because you never know what may or may not work until you give it a go.

Here are some other interesting demographics to take into account as you continue to read this piece and get a sense of how much of the world is online:

social media statistics

Facebook and Instagram user frequency

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A Change in our Way of Life

Social media has revolutionized our world and changed our way of thinking. We live our lives publically online, and this is something anyone who has a social media account is guilty of, as we share stories, events, or pictures from our lives to these accounts.

We want our friends to know what is going on, and we want to know what is going on in their lives. It’s a pretty interesting fact to think about how public our lives have become since the invention of social media. You used to only be able to connect with someone in person, on the phone, or in a letter of some sort – that took much longer. Now, all of this happens in seconds.

Guilty as charged: I consistently use my social media accounts to share my photos for my friends and family to see what I’m up to since they don’t live in Boston.

Social media is also a great way to share ideas and be influenced by others. For some helpful tips on posting interesting content on social media, be sure to check out this post.

Kdan Mobile in the Social Media World

At Kdan Mobile, social media has revolutionized our world. We rely on social media to enable both social media share and log-in. We’re constantly inspired by the creativity of others, and making something of our own creative vices. All the applications in the Kdan Creativity 365 suite enable social media share. You are able to directly upload your creations to social media from our applications.

We like to leave it to you to use your creative vices and share what you want to share. These are a few of our recent favorites that our users have created and shared with us using Animation Desk. As you can see they both are completely different but are equally awesome.

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We include Animation Desk, NoteLedge and Write-on Video, along with other exciting tools that offer document management and multimedia solutions, in our Creativity 365 app series. The subscription to the annual plan even comes with a free Adonit Dash 2 Stylus (worth $49.99) until July 31st. Visit the Creative Store and get all the tools you need to bring your productivity up a notch!

As “Social Media Day” comes to an end, we hope this post has allowed for you to gain a better understanding of the social media presence in the world around you. Social media is a complete experimentation process to begin with, so the best practice is for you to have fun and try out different things if you are looking to up your social presence!

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