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by | Oct 26, 2017 | Creative, News and Events

This month Animation Desk Windows is excitingly opening its door to Windows 10 users. The latest version of Animation Desk is now available across all Windows 10 devices with optimized features including a brand-new interface with the integration of Kdan Cloud services and Creativity 365. Switching between mobile devices and PCs has never been easier! Try it for yourself now and start animating!

Simple Interface

With the new, sleek interface, the latest version of Animation Desk on Windows accommodates for better usability. It is the first in the whole Animation Desk series across all operating platforms to have AniZone built into the app. AniZone is an online community that brings animators from around the world together. You can directly view the original works from other animation enthusiasts on Animation Desk Universal Windows Platform and exchange ideas and animation tips without having to switch between apps.

Create hand-drawn animation like a pro!

Auto-Screen Adjustment

Regardless of whether you have been drawing your animations on a 12.5-inch Microsoft Surface Pro tablet or a 25-inch PC screen, the app automatically adjusts to the screen size. This takes away the worry of having your work appear distorted on different screens.

One Click for All

As one of the Windows universal apps, Animation Desk can run on a wide variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets to laptops to desktop PCs. Benefiting from the seamlessness of the Windows Store, you can acquire Animation Desk for all of these device types at once.

Automated Updates across Devices

To keep things simple, updates are handled automatically, so you are always working with the latest edition of Animation Desk.

Access AniZone directly from Animation Desk app!

Complete Synchronization

Thanks to Kdan Cloud, our proprietary cloud services, the work started on your PC can be edited and finished on any one of your Windows devices. Your projects will be saved automatically and synced across all your devices so you can have the most updated work with you at all time.


Benefit from the Creativity 365 Family

As part of the Kdan’s Creative App Series, Creativity 365 is fully integrated into Animation Desk on Windows 10, offering extensive and advanced tools for animation drawing. For those who have subscribed to Creativity 365, you can have access to the additional features including the advanced onion skin tool for accurate drawing, eyedropper for color selection, 1TB Kdan Cloud storage and much more! Your subscription is not limited to devices, nor operating systems. Subscribe once and enjoy the benefits anytime, anywhere.


Take Part in iAniMagic2017!

Take part in iAniMagic 2017 animation contest!

Show off your amazing drawing and animation skills in this year’s iAniMagic2017. With the new, fun element of allowing you to work together with your peers and friends on your animation project, you can team up to compete for the incredible prizes worth a total of US$7000!

Take part in 3 easy steps:

1 – Create your animation
2 – Export your submission via Animation Desk and select “iAniMagic2017” tab
3 – Fill out the simple details and submit!

Submit your animation before March 31st, 2018!

What are you waiting for? Download Animation Desk on Windows and take part in iAniMagic2017 now!


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