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by | Jun 3, 2016 | Creative, Others

A design portfolio can be thought of as a design CV where images of your designs do all the talking for you. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to share your designs, sketches, videos, photos with others, especially employers and potential clients. And with these 8 handy tips, creating an amazing portfolio will be a breeze!

1.Be selective
It’s all about quality over quantity. Taking a kitchen-sink approach could sometimes haunt you, you always want to show off your strengths, not your weaknesses.

2. Include variety
Choose a good variety of pieces showcase all the different things you can do. Make sure the different pieces you include are cohesive and the elements are complimentary of each other.

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3. Show multiple perspectives
Having multiple photos from different perspectives will give viewers a better idea of your work and attempt to mimic the experience of viewing your work as close as it would be to the physical experience.

4. Include your biography
This is where a design portfolio slightly differs from a CV. A biography is more about telling people your life story rather than only your professional background. It’s important to include what you have accomplished professionally too, but it’d be better to focus more on including information about who you are and your point of view to provide greater creative context.

5. Simplicity is key
When designing your portfolio, try to keep it simple. Have minimum animations on your page; allow the viewer’s focus on your art and let your work do the talking.

6.Showcase your unique works
You want to make yourself stand out from the crowd and show everyone why your different and better.

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7. Give insight into your process
Showing your process is another beneficial way of showing viewers how your design piece came into its final form.

8. Keep it updated
You need to keep your portfolio current. Take out weaker pieces and add in new designs to ensure your portfolio is always looking fresh!

Ready to get started? There are many platforms you could use to create an amazing online portfolio including Carbonmade, Behance and NoteLedge.

For example, the featured photo below is an example of a cover page of an online photography design portfolio, made by using NoteLedge. From a file, a variety of the artist’s strongest photos were imported, all of which compliment each other to show how the artist is able to photograph vtravel photos. There are a suitable number of photos that are displayed and organized simply using the crop, resize and move item tools in NoteLedge. The text insert tool has been used to enter a name, and tabs for relevant information for this cover page. Following pages include a range of photos of each main cover photo, from a variety of perspectives with background captions of each piece, in addition to a background life story of the artist and their career information.

example of design portfolio cover page

Feeling inspired? Get started and download NoteLedge to show off your work to the world!





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