Six Gestures to Power Up Your PDF Reader 6 Premium

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Creative



We, like many others, believe in PDFs.

PDFs are highly portable due to the many free applications across devices that recognize the format. Aided by the boost of mobile devices, PDFs have become the most favorite document format choice by dominant majority.

However, there are areas that bother us who use PDFs on a daily basis: the lack of editing and annotation tools, insufficient support on the mobile devices to share our PDFs, mediocre design of the interface on the mobile application to improve the workflow, and difficulty to combine multiple PDFs and adjust pages in the exiting PDFs. Kdan Mobile recognizes all these issues and we have yet again provided a great and affordable all-in-one solution, PDF Reader 6 Premium, that tackles the problems you have had. Let’s take a quick look at how much you can get with just $1.99:



Drag and Navigate through Pages

Upon opening a PDF file you will see a scrollbar on the left side (iPhone) or right side (iPad) of your screen. Tap and hold the scrollbar, then drag it up and down to navigate to the page you want. Dragging the scroll bar automatically opens a small preview window for the pages you scroll to. This makes it even easier to find desired page(s).

Scroll through pages



Swipe and Reveal The BOTA List on Your iPad

The scrollbar is great, but the BOTA list is even better. The BOTA list allows you to quickly access your bookmarks, web browser, thumbnails and annotation tools. Simply swipe from the left to right side of your display to reveal the BOTA list, and off you go.

2. Reveal



Swipe and Select Annotation Tools

On your iPhone the annotation tools are presented on the bottom of the display. Swipe left or right on the toolbar to select from various annotation tools. By tapping and holding the desired annotation tool, you’ll open a pop-up menu with additional settings for color, shape, style, opacity and size.

3. annotation


Open The Textbox and Swipe to Adjust The Font on Your iPad

When you’ve added a text box to your PDF, a keyboard will fade in from the bottom of your screen. You can now adjust the font’s style, size, opacity and color by tapping the pertinent icon in the top margin of the keyboard; simply swipe left or right to adjust.

4. keyboard


Hold and Drag to Rearrange Page Order

When viewing a PDF, tap the thumbnails button  to open a window that displays all of the PDF’s pages. Tap and hold a page to drag it anywhere you want.

5. page editor


Select from and Manage Multiple Cloud Accounts

By tapping the globe icon, you will open a new window displaying all your cloud service accounts. Just tap on an account to access it, or swipe left to see the files you’ve stored inside.

6. cloud account


Get the new, universal PDF Reader 6 Premium and all its iOS 8 exclusive features for an introductory price of $1.99!