Sneak Peek: iAniMagic2016

by | Sep 10, 2016 | Creative, News and Events

(Featured image from the famous Toy Story series)

It is about that time of the year for the annual animation competition especially held for enthusiastic users of Animation Desk like you to kick off. To continue the legacy of iAniMagic, this year we have picked a theme that may trigger many childhood memories and take you back to certain periods of your life. iAniMagic2016 invites you to close your eyes, visualize your favorite animated characters and find inspiration to design your own original character.

Following iAniMagic 2015: The Living Light Box, this year we want to continue celebrating originality and fostering creativity by inviting you to join iAniMagic 2016: My Ani-Character. You are encouraged to create your very own animation character and tell its story. The annual contest will start on September 15, 2016 and end on November 15, 2016, during which you can submit your work, and winners would receive incredible prizes like iPad Pro, Wacom Intuos Pro and Apple TV.

At the beginning of the conceptualizing process, it may help to start by thinking about your favorite cartoons. Besides just identifying your beloved characters, go one step further and think about what it is that make them special, so special to you. The beauty of creating a character is the thought process behind designing it, how the character engages with the audience through its persona and behaviors.

“Think about the meaning of the word ‘character’. You’re supposed to breathe life into these things, make them appealing and give them the magic that will allow people to imagine what they’re like to meet and how they might move.” – Neil McFarland

Now that we have got your creative juice flowing, think about how you would put these ideas in your head onto real screens. A good place to start is by drawing your designs on Animation Desk to visualize your ideas. To support you even further, we will grant you full access to all the extended tools such as multiple  layers support, layer locking function, various exporting formats and more than 20 brushes, when you register on the event page of iAniMagic 2016.

We will be sharing more information about iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to not miss the contest details and animation tips!



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