Spice up Your Summer Videos with Write-on Video

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Creative, News and Events

Happy vacation time to everyone from all of us at Kdan Mobile! With the arrival of summer vacation, we’re excited to announce a new and improved version of Write-on Video.We bring you an update with lots of interesting effects that are very useful to decorate your videos. Now is the time to get outside, get active, and make some entertaining and physical activity videos with Write-on Video. We can’t wait to see what you have to share with us!

See how they work

make your videos fun!

Let’s check out some of the effects that are included in this update! We now introduce the opportunity to add sound stickers to videos. These stickers will give a bit more flare and excitement to your creation!

sound stickers

There are also useful brand stickers that you can use. These stickers help you improve the theme, as well as adding a certain feel to the video. Did you come in first place for an event or competition? Show that off in your video!

brand stickers

Fast and slow motion

Something else you can try is changing up the speed of your video. You can speed up or slow down the video to make it dramatic and funny. If you speed up several images or a video to a scene, the action can become more pronounced. Making it super-fast can sometimes add a completely different flare to the video.

adjust video speed

If you are making a sports action video, try to decompose the motion by slowing down the frame. This is very common in many sports-like videos and can add a certain emphasis to a specific scene. It also adds more dimension to your video and pull the focus to a special point of the video.

add music

Videos with just talking or silence can be boring, right? Especially if you are going for an action feel. You are able to add music to the background of your write-on videos and adjust it. You can make the music fade-in and out with effects. This will make your video more touching. The music will also add a unique feel to the video that background sounds may not have the effect of doing. Is your video about a race? Add some action-packed music to give the viewers a better feel of the scene and build up the action. Music can add a lot of emotion to a video like that.

music fade-in and out

Be sure to check out Write-on Video! You can try out all of these advanced features for FREE until August 17th! If you want to try them out for more: just edit your video three days in a row and share one physical video on your social media and you’ll get 3-months free of Creativity 365 that includes all the premium features of the Creativity 365 App Series and 1TB cloud storage. Happy editing! Go have some fun!