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by | Dec 19, 2016 | Creative, Others

Season’s greetings Creatives! If you’ve been following Kdan Mobile, you’ll know we’re sharing the joy of creativity with you this December in our #ExpectoCreativity  contest. The contest will soon come to an end on the last day of 2016, so make sure you share your most creative moment with us by then. At Kdan, you — our users — are at the heart of everything we do. To thank you for your superb support this year, Kdan’s staff give you some teasers in this blog post on how they hand-picked your prizes.


kdan afra

Afra, Marketing Specialist on the Write-on Video Team

Happy New Year! In this time of gratitude, I want to say thank you to my team and all the users out there. I really enjoy working with you all. Special thanks to Ian, Kdan’s Product Designer of Write-on Video, who often had to jump through all the hoops just to make an awesome video. I’m already feeling excited for 2017. We have a lot to do, and we will dream big.

Speaking of my hand-picked prizes, I have been a crazy shopper for socks for a while. I want to prepare some beautiful socks for the winners. If you don’t like socks (I doubt if anyone doesn’t), my shopping spree also covers backpacks, bike accessories, and fountain pens too!

kdan emily

Emily, Marketing Manager on the NoteLedge Team

Happy Holidays! Thank you for all your support. It has been a great year for our team. We’ve been inspired and touched by many amazing user stories or creative works from you. 2017 is going to be an even more exciting year for the NoteLedge family. We’ve prepared major updates in the pipeline, including features you’ve been asking for. Stay tuned!

As for the prizes, I am going to prepare something that is portable, nicely designed, and cheerful; something you can carry with you all the time either at work or on vacation. Totes, water bottles, canvas flats, notepads and Bluetooth speakers are on the top of my list right now. However, your creative post might enlighten me and let me come up with something even better.

kdan FrankFrank, Marketing Manager on the PDF team

Hello PDF readers!

In this time of gratitude, I’d like to express my appreciation and say thank you for your confidence in us. In 2016, we received lots of feedback from around the world through the Let’s Talk event and our User Story project. The feedback certainly helped us get more insight on how our apps help you in your daily life. Our PDF team has had so much upside because of you!

Speaking of the prizes, I personally like to try exotic food while being a backpacker. Here is one place I’ve loved for more than 20 years – my hometown, Tainan City. Tainan City had been the capital of Taiwan for over 200 years and is mainly known for its delicious foods and historical sites. I would like to prepare something that comes from Tainan. Want to know what it is going to be? Share your the most creative moment of 2016 to get a chance to know more about the lovely city!

kdan robin

Robin, Marketing Specialist on the Animation Desk Team

Hello animation enthusiasts! Here comes the most exciting time of the year. What will you be doing for Christmas and New Year? Well, I’m going to spend my holidays on the other side of the world, enjoying the beach and the sun!

This year has been full of fun and hard works for Animation Desk. Your feedback and support keep us going. Seeing your great works from Animation Desk motivates us to go beyond expectations.

Keyword hints for my prize options: Bittersweet, Malibu, Gadget.

Nothing beats gifts curated by Creatives for Creatives, so make sure to comment on Kdan Mobile’s Facebook page with a picture of your most creative moment of 2016 before December 31, 2016! We will announce the winners on January 7, 2017 via Kdan Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to get the latest contest updates!



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