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It’s no secret the academic and work environment are competitive these days. You basically need to speak 3 languages, organize your own charity, and regularly attend networking events by the time you are five in order to have any chance at a successful career. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit exaggerated… but it’s essential to stay on top of your game. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be difficult or boring.

Whether your goal is to attend Harvard, work on Wall Street, be the next great political leader, or start your own business, with the right tools and a little work you can get there and have fun while doing so! We’ve rounded up 5 of the best educational resources to help you do just that.


The Khan Academy makes learning fun and easy with comprehensible videos, quizzes, and a system for tracking progress and keeping you motivated. It’s perfect for deepening your understand and practicing your note-taking methods. While you can pause online videos, pausing your professor or boss might not go over so well. To practice for these situations, watch lessons without pausing them and use Cornell Notes like the example below to optimize your understanding.

Cornell Notes Example Greek History

#2 TED

TED provides a wealth of interesting and mind-opening ideas for expanding your perspective and understanding of the world. Thinking outside the box is an expected skill in today’s world and has become a routine part of applicant screening processes. Ace your next paper, presentation, or interview with your well rounded and informed perspective.

With a note-taking app like NoteLedge, you can create your own TED video library on any topic.


Doulingo Screenshot - German

Complete lessons and achieve goals to earn points towards unlocking special lesson sets, more hearts, and new outfits for Duo.

Duolingo makes learning a new language fun and addictive with short, but effective lessons. You’ll probably even LOL. No joke, there is an entire twitter page dedicated to the crazy things Duo says. While Duo is a funny guy, being multilingual or a least being able to have a basic conversation in another language is no laughing matter. It will set you apart and be useful on a personal and professional level. We conduct business, study, shop, and travel internationally.


YouTube provides an abundance of knowledge and entertainment. It’s a great place for finding fun educational videos, creating and sharing your own if teaching others helps you learn, and taking a break. Because let’s face it, too much work and not enough play is draining. Be efficient and avoid getting sucked down the rabbit hole of distraction that can be found on YouTube, by using one of the many available apps for improving web research efficiency.


Professors are invaluable resources. They know a lot of people and have countless experiences to share. Year after year they help students transition through the difficult and confusing college years into successful careers. They are constantly immersed in knowing what it takes to help students be successful in and out of the classroom.

Talking to them helps you both see each other as individuals and showcases your commitment to success. Not to mention those conversations could lead to some of the most pivotal decisions of your college and early career life. For example, I would not have written this article or been sitting in front of a computer in Taiwan as I did, if I had not talked to the professor below.

Dr. Wei-Chung Wang extraordinaire (far left), Professor by day, VP of Global Marketing and Strategy by night, with Senior Seminar students.

Dr. Wei-Chung Wang extraordinaire (far left), Professor by day, VP of Global Marketing and Strategy by night, with Senior Seminar students.


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