The Best PDF Reader You’ll Ever Use (No Matter What OS You’re On)

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Apps for reading and annotating PDFs are a double-edged sword. They suck you in with a great user experience on one operating system (like iOS on your iPhone or iPad), only to disappoint you when you try it out on your office computer (which in the business world, tends to be a PC running Windows).

Sounds familiar?

This was something we dealt with every time we tried to find the best PDF reader that got the job done whether we used a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. And after doing our due diligence, we were faced with an awful truth:

An effective, cross-platform PDF Reader that didn’t force us to abandon one OS or device in favor of another, simply DID NOT EXIST.

So we created Kdan PDF Reader–because we knew that mobile warriors who used different devices and operating systems deserved wayyyyyy better than what was available.

We’ve packed in features that don’t just pay lip-service to multiple OS compatibility. Instead, they let you get the most out of your operating system of choice.

Here’s just a teaser of what you’ll find in different OS versions of Kdan PDF Reader. And if you want even more special features, you’ll definitely want to check out the details in this article.

Files app for iOS (Everything’s in One Place)

What if you could magically

a)  Find all the files on your device and cloud storage in one place, and

b)  Open them with the appropriate app without ever being prompted to choose from an endless list of apps?

That’s exactly what Files app–Apple’s new app for devices running iOS 11 or later– does. It lets you access all your files in one central place on your iPhone or iPad. And because it automatically organizes your files into app folders, you know intuitively where to find them.

Tap on the target file in PDF Reader’s folder, and the Files app automatically opens it in the PDF Reader app. No questions asked. No time wasted scrolling for the right app to use.1 iOS File App

Find PDFs Quicker with Local Folder on Android

On Android, there isn’t a common folder to access all your files, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a lifetime of searching for PDFs on your Android.

Simply open the Kdan PDF Reader app, tap the navigation drawer in the top left corner, and switch to the “Local Folder” tab to gain instant access to all the files stored in your device.

The Local Folder makes it even easier to narrow your search by “FILE TYPE” or “SD CARD.” Just tap the file you want to edit, and it opens up directly within Kdan PDF Reader!

2 PDF Android Local Folder

Switch to Dark Mode with PDF Reader for Mac

It’s easy to find your PDFs with Kdan PDF Reader, but you don’t want to strain your eyes when you’re working late into the night.

With macOS Mojave, PDF Reader for Mac makes reading and editing PDFs at night way easier on the eyes, thanks to the newly-integrated Dark Mode.

Just enable Dark Mode in Open System Preferences and the app will automatically switch to Dark Mode in macOS Mojave.

It’s the perfect PDF editor for Mac when you’re burning the midnight oil.

3 Mac Dark Mode

Dial Things Up with Surface Dial Compatibility

If you want to annotate pdfs in Windows, Kdan PDF Reader for Windows 10 now lets you use your Surface Dial! With built-in Surface Dial compatibility, you can use both hands while you work.

Connect your Surface Dial with your device using Bluetooth, launch PDF Reader, and open a PDF document. Then, press the Dial until you see the control panel.

You can now rotate your Surface Dial to easily switch between annotation tools with one hand, while leaving your other hand free for fine-tuning and editing your PDFs!

4 Surface Dial

The Best PDF Reader for Platform Agnostics (Or 99.9997% of the Human Race)

Alright, time for real talk, mobile warriors!

We know even the most die-hard Apple / Android / PC fans amongst you recognize the benefits of using other operating systems from time to time, and don’t want to be locked into any single OS or device.

Thing is, you KNOW you deserve better (because being a creative Swiss-army knife involves MORE THAN JUST ONE OS OR DEVICE).

We (along with 60 million users who are already using Kdan PDF Reader for viewing, signing, editing, and sending PDFs) totally agree.

Which is why we think you deserve the very best PDF Reader with Document 365— our comprehensive, cross-device document solution aimed at boosting your productivity. It includes our PDF Reader mobile and desktop apps, along with online converting and faxing services.

With Document 365, you can make your best work better every day. What better way to begin the new year?
Get Document 365 today.

Want more tips on using Kdan PDF Reader with your favorite OS? You’ll definitely want to check out the details in this article.

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p.s. If you’re a developer or a SaaS looking to extend your app’s functionality with PDF capabilities, look no further because the Kdan PDF SDK is now available for you try out!

Try out Kdan PDF SDK (all features included) in your app today.



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