The iPhone 5S: A Globetrotter Essential

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Imagine traveling without your smartphone. How would you feel about exploring unknown areas without your digital map or any way to communicate? Difficult, isn’t it? It’s tough to imagine that only a decade ago, we didn’t have the luxury and necessity of these high tech gadgets. Among the many choices available on the market, there is one that truly stands out as a globetrotter’s best friend: the iPhone 5S.

Photo courtesy of BONGURI via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of BONGURI via Flickr Creative Commons

The fingerprint scanner might have hogged all the attention directed towards Apple’s premium smartphone, but travel junkies have their eyes set on something else: the iPhone 5S’ GPS feature. While the Touch ID is indeed a revolutionary piece of mobile technology, it seems like the motion-sensing M7 chip incorporated in the new phone has been overlooked.

Backpackers, vacationers, and travel junkies of the world are in perfect unison when they say that the iPhone 5S is definitely the globetrotter’s ultimate weapon of choice. Below are some of the best reasons why this innovation is the superior choice for travelers all over the world.

A plethora of apps for travel

From travel planning to last-minute hotel reservations, Apple has proven its old slogan (“There’s an app for that”) true. Not only is the iPhone a treasure box of the most useful apps for globetrotters, the 5S’ unique features allow for a more immersive experience.

Should you find yourself hopelessly lost in the middle of downtown Paris without a place to stay, Really Late Booking will save you. This app is available for use in many international cities including Barcelona, Prague, and Rome. Meanwhile, Tap Hunter is a beer chugger’s best weapon. One tap on the screen and the user is automatically shown to the nearest watering hole.

NoteLedge, a sketchbook-style journal, works extremely well with the iPhone 5S’ mighty fine screen resolution (although the app is also available for Android). This app is a particularly enjoyable way to record your travel memories. Those who work on-the-go will find tools such as PDF Reader and Pocket Scanner extremely useful. Everything that travelers need is one button tap away.

A powerful processor

Yes, we have all heard about the wonders of the A7 chip, but the M7 chip deserves the same amount of applause. Dubbed as a ‘motion coprocessor’, this tiny bit of technology senses and tracks motion. It handles all the data from the phone’s compass, gyroscope, accelerator, and other similar features; so the A7 has some rest time. This means a lot of things for globetrotters.

One of which is having an increased battery time. Currently, the iPhone 5S is among the longest-lasting smartphones currently available on the market (1560 mAh). That is not all; this little chip integrates technology and Apple Maps which are both naturally beneficial for travelers.

Apple cites a convincing example on its official website: “Since M7 can tell when you’re in a moving vehicle, iPhone 5s won’t ask you to join Wi-Fi networks you pass by.” The iPhone 5S on O2’s feature rundown even mentions that the M7 coprocessor preserves the phone’s battery life by handling all motion-related tasks.

A never-get-lost feature

The handset’s GPS system is highly developed, which is why many apps are connecting to the iPhone 5S’ internal location tracker. Like a Swiss-army knife, Apple’s premiere phone has all the things you need to keep on the right track.

Waze, the most widely used GPS app, has been recently improved and updated to cover a wider scope. It uses crowdsourcing to complete its data thus resulting in a comprehensive and real-time map, detailing traffic status, accidents, and more. This is probably the most useful app you could ever ask for if you decide to rent out a car on a foreign city.

This technology even allows you to retrieve your phone when it gets stolen or lost! Remotely locating your phone from an independent web browser is possible.

Remember the following tips to fully utilize the GPS phone finder feature of your iPhone:

  1. When traveling, make sure that you have the “Find my iPhone” option turned “On” at all times. You can access this by tapping on the “Settings” icon, then go to the “iCloud” menu.
  2. Choose “Privacy” and toggle the “Location Services” to “On” to trigger the Find my iPhone function active.
  3. Access the Apple iCloud here. Many tools are available inside to help you out

The iPhone 5S is truly a modern masterpiece. While technology is making the world smaller by the second, it is also making the globe easier to explore. How has Apple helped you in your travels?

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