The Secret Sauce to an Unforgettable Greeting Card

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Creative, News and Events

Greeting cards have been used to nurture relationships for centuries, but the practice didn’t take off until the beginning of the 20th century when postal, printing and graphics capabilities significantly improved. Many things about the practice has changed over the years, but one that has remained the same is their ability to make someone feel special.

Receiving a greeting card allows people to know someone else was thinking of them. Receiving a personalized greeting card does this as well as reminds them of the unique relationship they have with the sender. Personalization is the secret sauce to having an unforgettable greeting card and leaving a lasting impression on a loved one’s heart.

With e-cards leaving this impression doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve prepared some tips to help you create personalized e-cards using Write-on Video, NoteLedge, and Animation Desk.

Example of Thanksgiving Image Card


NoteLedge’s multimedia toolkit and drag and drop capabilities are perfect for creating a quick, fun, and personalized image greeting card. Using drag and drop you can pull images, videos, and text directly from social media or photo albums. This quick and easy personalization reminds you and your loved ones of the great memories you had. Is there a song that is special to you and your loved one? Add an audio clip of you singing it along with your greeting card message. Don’t forget the stickers, they are like Christmas lights. Without them, the card would be pretty dull.

NoteTube Screenshot of Card Templates

Check out this step by step tutorial for instructions on how to download and customize note templates from NoteTube. We have added a set of holiday card templates for you.

Christmas tree gif create with Animation Desk


If a still image is too boring for you, create a gif with Animation Desk. With the ability to set background layers and duplicate frames you can quickly and easily create a fun holiday gif. Write your personalized message using Animation Desk’s brushes or import your project to Write-On Video to add captions, stickers, sound, and other personalization.

New Year's Video Card Example


If neither an image or a gif is your style you can create a personalized video or slideshow with Write-on Video. Record a video with your personalized message and edit it, edit clips of videos together to create your personalized message, or create a video slideshow of picture memories adding captions, stickers, transition effects, and more to convey your message to your loved one. They’ll be sure to smile when they open this message in their inbox.

Warm hot chocolate and delicious cookies.


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