This Is Me: Animation Desk Competition

An Animation Contest Designed for YOU

It’s officially June – which means we’re ready to announce our next animation contest! Animation Desk proudly supports individuality amid diversity, therefore, we’ve decided to call this month’s contest This is Me. We want participants to introduce themselves through animation and express their identity. We want to know who YOU are!

Animators are encouraged to unleash their creativity as they please, regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexuality. Entries will be judged solely on the execution and design techniques of the animations, so don’t hold back when telling your story! Be true and be YOU


Animation Challenge Rules

The rules are quite simple — animators must submit a 5-10 second animation that coincides with our This is Me theme. Animations will only be accepted if they’re created on Animation Desk and submitted on AniZone with #ThisIsMe. Make sure to leverage your creativity and technique because there is going to be tough competition and great prizes for this contest. 

  • First Place: USD $50.00 Amazon Gift Card + NEW collectable Animation Desk magnet!
  • Second Place: USD $40.00 Amazon Gift Card + NEW collectable Animation Desk magnet!
  • Third Place: USD $30.00 Amazon Gift Card + NEW collectable Animation Desk magnet!


Ready to Submit with the Best Animation App?

If you’re interested in competing, we will be accepting entries from June 8th through June 19th. Don’t forget to mark your calendars HERE so you don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this awesome animation contest! 

Download Animation Desk from the App Storethe Google Play Store, or the Microsoft Store today! 


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