Three Changes Your Legal Firm NEEDS to Make to Keep Up

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Business

Legal firms that aren’t taking advantage of the new opportunities that exist at their fingertips risk falling behind the curve of an increasingly digital work environment. Here are three ways that you can bring your firm up to speed:

Stop Handing Your Clients So Many Papers to Sign

This sounds preposterous at face value because, after all, the need to collect client information and have them sign off on things is never going to leave the legal industry–or most industries for that matter. But thanks to the beauty of PDF documents and the ability to create fillable forms, coupled with the convenience of mobile devices, you don’t have to use nearly as many physical forms.

This not only saves you and your firm the time it takes for physical documents to get signed and handed back, but it also saves the hassle of having to create separate digital backups and filing the papers away.

Keep Your Clients’ Information Secure

Don’t get us wrong–we’re sure this is something your law firm is already taking great lengths to accomplish. Our suggestion, however, is that there are powerful, newer solutions to help you maintain your firm’s information under digital lock and key. Our recommendation is to take advantage of encryption and password setting options that document management software provides.

Work on the Go and Never Miss a Beat

BYOD (bring your own device) is a growing trend among various industries that is introducing a never-before-seen level of mobility to the workplace. Employees now have access to documents and other information on the go, increasing productivity. This mobility gives law professionals the ability to access documents pertaining to cases on the go, lets them sign important papers from anywhere, add watermarks to files to mark them as confidential, and more all at their fingertips. Just think of all the ways you can get more done by being able to meet with clients more often because you always have your entire filing cabinet in your pocket.

Kdan is Making Law Firms More Productive

Our Document 365 Business series is ideal for law firms looking to integrate digital document management solutions into their workflows and maintain a competitive edge. Document 365 Business comes with our PDF Reader app that lets you scan, annotate, sign, encrypt, store, and transfer PDF documents. Users also get 1TB of secure Kdan Cloud storage (roughly 16X that of Google Drive) per account.

If you’re interested in learning how Document 365 Business can change your law firm, visit our store and request a free trial today.



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