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Cue the holiday music, turn on those Christmas lights, and warm up the hot cocoa loaded with marshmallows. It’s the holiday season and if you haven’t caught on by now, we’re pretty excited about it at Kdan Mobile. The holidays are perfect for spending time with family, unwinding, and making memories. What better way to cherish those memories forever than to document them with photographs?


Appreciate your Surroundings a Bit More

Christmas spirit is in the air. It doesn’t matter where you turn to look in Boston. Everywhere in the city is decorated. Someone truly took the memo of decking the halls to heart. The city looks magical and beautiful. It’s worth getting outside and simply taking a walk to look at all the décor.

Wherever you live, take the time at least once this season to go outside. Make sure to bundle up with your hats and gloves if necessary (it’s not ideal to catch a cold!). Appreciate the magic and spirit of your community.

Before I moved to Boston, I never truly took the time to appreciate the decorations. Now that I see all the magic and beauty in the city at this time of year, it is one of my favorite things about living here. I love the spirit that this city exhibits.

Christmas tree in Faneuil Hall

Every year Boston is gifted a spruce tree from Nova Scotia to represent the friendship between the two cities. The tree stands tall and decorated in Faneuil Hall.

Christmas in Boston

This year was the 100th year of the tradition between the two cities.

Lights in Faneuil Hall

The inside of Faneuil Hall decorated to pure perfection

Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall goes all out come Christmas time.

All of the Lights

Sometimes it’s tricky to take a good Christmastime photo with all of the lights. It can be hard if you are shooting with a cell phone camera particularly. If you don’t have a fancy DSLR with light settings that can be adjusted, there’s a few tips we recommend trying to get the most out of your photos.

First thing’s first, try to shoot in a dimmer or dark atmosphere to get the most out of your light photos. A darker atmosphere allows the lights on the tree or the building to stand out more. If you’re shooting in plain daylight, you will not be able to capture the full effect of the lights without a fancy color.

These next few pictures will show you how the lighting of your surroundings truly matter.

Tinsel and lights galore. This photo was shot in pure daylight last season. As you can see, the lights don’t stand out as much as they should. The focus is more on the tinsel on the tree.

Tinsel and lights galore. This photo was shot in pure daylight last season. As you can see, the lights don’t stand out as much as they should. The focus is more on the tinsel on the tree.

Christmas Tree

Because this photo was shot in a darker atmosphere, you can truly see the lights standing out on the tree. The photo would be much duller had it been shot in pure daylight.

Rachel's puppies

As cute as Elliette and Kylo look, the lights would look a lot better around them had it been a bit darker in the room. However, if you are shooting a person or animal – it can get a bit tricky from there.

Lighting in photos truly matters. A rule of thumb: if it doesn’t look good with your natural eye, then it probably won’t look good in a photograph. Use your commonsense. Trust both your eyes and your gut. If you’re walking by Christmas decorations or lights during the day, they probably don’t stand out as much as they do during the night. The same thing occurs in photographs.

It’s Always Better When We’re Together

Another way to make the most of some of your holiday photos is to make sure to not just focus on objects. Don’t forget to include your friends and family in pictures to make those memories even sweeter.

Rachel and Santa

Santa!! I know him! A bit over a month ago, I was lucky enough to adopt a puppy. Meet Reina the Fox Terrier.

tree and friends

Getting outside with friends to see the decorations is always more special than going out in the city alone.

Do More

North End

The beautiful North End of Boston always has a charming holiday atmosphere whenever you wander the streets.

As you explore your city of everything it has to offer this holiday season, there is always more we encourage to do with your photographs. Why not make a video to share with your family at your holiday dinners? You can also spice up a photo for social media by decorating it with words or stickers.

12 NoteLedge xmas collage

We hope that these tips have inspired you to go take advantage of all your city has to offer at this time of year. To you from all of us at Kdan Mobile, Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time with your family and friends, be safe, and be merry!

Harvard Square

Harvard Square trapped in a snow globe during this year’s first snow in Boston.

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