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by | Dec 9, 2013 | Creative

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It’s not easy to create advertisements by hand, but at the same time traditional desktop software, like the Office series, Illustrator, and Photoshop, are expensive and come with a steep learning curve. This is where PazteUp comes in. If you want to create advertisements on a modest budget and with a little expertise, PazteUp is for you. Use this valuable mobile app to create beautiful advertisements for your products and events. The following is a demonstration of how to create a commercial catalog using PazteUp.

Graphic Material

You can import graphic materials from Camera Roll or crop images from websites. The built-in image editor allows you to perform basic image adjustments.

pazteup blog post KS how-to1

Import graphic materials from Camera Roll


pazteup blog post KS how-to2

Crop images from the browser

The graphics used here were in PNG format with transparent backgrounds. By tweaking the hue of some of the pictures you can achieve uniformity in color. You can also crop the pictures in order to emphasize certain merchandise.

pazteup blog post KS how-to3

Edit the images

Textual Material

Aside from adjusting fonts and characters, you can use the shape tool to emphasize words. In the sample catalog, we drew antique brass rectangles and used them as the backgrounds for text. You can always change the angles of shapes to fit the page design.

pazteup blog post KS how-to4

Add Shapes


Text wrapping can make your advertisements look richer. To enable, press and hold on the picture. Select “Display” and enable text wrap function. Move the picture around and jumble the image around the text boxes.

pazteup blog post KS how-to5

In addition to a catalog, you can also create an order form with the table tool. See the example below:

pazteup blog post KS how-to6

Ready to promote your products and services in time for holiday shopping? Let PazteUp make things easier for you. Share your tips for using PazteUp with us, as well as your completed work, via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus by adding #PazteUp in your posts.

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