AniZone 101: Uploading Attachments for Your Animation

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Creative

“Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.” – Walt Disney

AniZone An Animation Platform

At Kdan Mobile, we strive for excellence by bringing you the most innovative apps and platforms for mobile phones and tablets. The variety of apps we offer cater to a diverse group of people, particularly Animation Desk – our capital app for creation. Used for developing hand-drawn animations, Animation Desk is an app that aims to connect users through an art that is timeless. To aid in the preservation of this wonderful culture, we’ve developed a separate platform to host anything and everything our animators can think of.

A place for Animation ENTHUSIASTS

In case you’re new to the vibrant world of AniZone, welcome. As we mentioned above, the goal is to connect animators across the world and provide them with a platform to share and gain exposure for the original work they’ve created. It’s a place where animation enthusiasts can exchange their ideas and meet other like-minded individuals. With this in mind, the AniZone team has included a new feature to bolster the community: Attachment Uploading.

Share Your Opinions and Express Your Creativity

Animators will now have the option to upload attachments onto AniZone alongside their animations. Unique in its class, attachment uploading is just another way AniZone seeks to empower its animators, novice and professional. Add character and life to your stories with the help of your storyboards, sketches, scripts, “making-of” videos, posters or anything else your mind can dream up. Anything that supplements your animation is fair game.

Enhance the depth of your original work with whatever you think will give it that extra creative flair. Add complexity to your work and build up that unique portfolio of yours, while drawing (no pun intended) on the creative inspiration of AniZone’s sharing platform!



AniZone and Animation Desk

We’ve made it easy “one-click easy” so that you can make full use of this unique addition; just click on the “Attach” button when you reach the animation upload page and that’s it! If you’re already using the accompanying Animation Desk mobile application, you can also upload your entire AD package file to AniZone. Doing so will allow other users to access, comment and add to your animation so that you can build to the best of your abilities.Logo


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