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The winter season is a great time to explore the outdoors with friends and family. One way to enjoy the scenic views of the season is by venturing out on a hike to local parks, nature reserves, or trails. Not only are hikes a great way to explore new areas and a great source of physical activity, but it’s also free! That’s a deal that’s hard to beat. You can go on shorter hikes of less than half an hour, or venture on an all-day journey; but no matter the length, planning is essential to ensure your travels are executed as smoothly as possible.

Prepare for Winter Hiking

As the seasons change, so does the temperature; so a hike during the winter can feel a lot different than one taken during late summer. Making sure you carefully pack for your hike will prepare you for the elements. Check the weather ahead of time to make sure you are dressed and packed for the situation.

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Aside from clothes, packing proper nutrition is key. Keeping your bodies hydrated and stomachs full will allow for the hiking experience to be as fun as possible. Bring with you extra snacks and fill up multiple water bottles to make your trek enjoyable. Snacks could include non-perishables like trail mix, dried fruit and beans, cereal, and other food items that fit nicely in your hiking backpack. 

Helpful Gadgets 

Some final packing essentials include navigation tools and flashlights for when visibility gets low. Bringing along a map, compass or even a GPS can help you avoid getting lost when navigating the trail; and a flashlight can help in low-lit or potentially foggy areas along hiking trails. 

Plan Your Trip with Creativity 365 App Series and Kdan Cloud

All of this can be a lot to remember, but thankfully Kdan offers tools like NoteLedge to organize your hiking information, and Kdan Cloud to share your packing list with all companions who are joining on the trail. 

NoteLedge helps by letting you clip information you found on hiking websites about what to pack or routes you found. You can even create your own list and reminders to plan your trip accordingly. The notes you create can easily be shared with your travel partners via a Kdan Cloud shareable link as well to ensure everyone is on the same page! 

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Savor the Moments: Make Travel Video

You’ll most likely come across scenic views, wildlife, or an encapsulating moment that you’ll want to savor. Write-on Video lets you capture the experience and gives you the power to strengthen your stories with easy-to-use video-editing software. Sharing the video is just as easy, too. You can upload your video to the Kdan Cloud and share it with others via the Cloud, Dropbox, and other social media outlets. 

The new Write-on Video will soon be available on the App Store. If you’d like to be the first one to test the app out, please fill out the form here.

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Organize Your Next Trip with Kdan Cloud and Creativity 365

Now that you have an idea of how to plan your next hiking trip, it’s time to take your newfound knowledge and hit the trails! Winter won’t be here forever, so be sure to write your list, pack your bags, and enjoy this beautiful season while you can. And remember, you don’t have to tackle your trip alone, Kdan’s Creativity 365 app series and Kdan Cloud are here to help you during your trip. Be sure to share this post with your friends and family. Click the social media buttons below (or at the left side of the screen) to share this post with your friends and family so that they too, can experience the great outdoors with the help of Kdan Mobile. 

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