Work on Cloud 9 With New NoteLedge Cloud

by | Mar 13, 2017 | Creative

NoteLedge’s newest update allows you to keep track of and sync all your cloud accounts, and then some.

With the latest iteration, NoteLedge integrates more seamlessly than ever with Kdan Cloud but that’s just for starters. For anyone using more than one cloud service – which is to say everyone – Kdan Cloud now becomes your hub for merging more online services together.

If only I could use my iCloud storage…

Well now you can! NoteLedge iOS users can now upload notes to iCloud from the app and download them as well. So rejoice and enjoy your free 5GB iCloud storage or more with iCloud subscription! You’re already logged in to iCloud most of the time anyway, so keeping notes up to date and synced among devices has never been easier.

Select the cloud services you'd like to sync to.

Select the cloud services you’d like to sync to.

What about other cloud services?

You bet! You can now use NoteLedge and auto-sync with multiple cloud storages, including iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and of course, Kdan Cloud. For example, if you want to save your project to both your Dropbox account for work and your personal Kdan Cloud account, simply switch on auto-sync for Dropbox and Kdan Cloud. Working across different devices and environments is now a breeze.

Still not convinced? If you ever need to present a NoteLedge project to your client or supervisor but forget to bring your device – we all know and loathe that feeling of panic and mortification – fret not! Auto-sync lets you present your note on the Kdan Cloud website from the web browser on any other device. With or without your personal device, all your notes travel with you wherever you go.

View notes straight from web browser on any device.

Convert Files into PDF

So you want a foolproof PDF file to send to client’s devices with no conversion issues, but are stymied by third-party online PDF converters’ annoyingly long upload times? With NoteLedge, you can now convert documents to many popular document formats such as PDF, mobi, ePUB, azw3, and docx in just a few taps without ever leaving the app.

Convert notes into PDF and other popular formats

Convert notes into PDF and other popular formats

What’s more, NoteLedge’s PDF export feature lets you select export orientation, choose the exact pages to export, view the note directly in NoteLedge, or open in Kdan’s PDF Markup for more detailed, seamless document processing.

Convert notes to PDFs with advanced settings.

Convert notes to PDFs with advanced settings.

What’s better than a PDF?

A content-rich PDF created with NoteLedge of course! Like this:

Create content-rich PDFs with robust multimedia tools

Create content-rich PDFs with robust multimedia tools

Use the robust multimedia tools in NoteLedge to create stunning, one-of-a-kind PDFs that make an impact. NoteLedge PDFs up your presentation game by allowing your audience to open them on any device, even if they don’t have NoteLedge installed.

Creativity 365 Free Trial

Still unsure about NoteLedge’s new cloud services? Why not test them out in NoteLedge (iPad version) with a Creativity 365 free trial subscription? You can upgrade to the latest version of NoteLedge Cloud or NoteLedge Ultimate, follow the in-app instructions, and start your free trial today!

Sneak peek

If you like NoteLedge’s latest updates, you’ll love what our team has in store. To help streamline the way you organize documents, we’ll be introducing a new, highly anticipated referencing feature soon. So stay tuned!