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Video-editing apps are a quick and fun way to capture your life in all its color, movement, and audio-visual splendor. If you want to make videos that enrich your learning, read on!


Neither do most lecturers. If you wish your teacher had a pause button to allow you more time to take notes (read more on note-taking strategies here), then wish no more. Using Write-on Video, you can pause and tag the important sections of a lecture video to aid revision later on

1. Move the “Scissor” icon to where you want to add a tag on.

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2. Tap on the footage and select “New tag”

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3.Categorize the tags with colors, and take notes in the description box

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Here is another tip for the lecture video. You can apply different filters to show-up the faint, hard-to-see chalk-board writing. Tap on the footage and select “Add filters”.

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Watch and learn

You can’t learn to play an instrument or sport by reading notes, but you can write on training videos directly with in-depth detail using Write-on Video.



Capture fine, complex movements with video recordings, and edit them with brush and caption editor in Write-on Video. You can adjust text and brush size, colors, and opacity to mark out the scenes.

Instructional Tutorials

If you need to create quick, professional-looking DIY tutorials, and slideshows on the fly, Write-on Video is your go-to app. Adding captions, stickers, and drawings is a cinch and exporting your edited videos to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook takes only a few seconds. No more messing around with that clunky desktop video-editor that crashes halfway through processing!


Write-on Video saves your annotated script as a handy PDF e-book. You can easily read or share your notes.


Write-on Video script

Learning Remixed

Organized information helps you learn faster. With Write-on Video, you can cut and reposition your lecture video scenes in a logical sequence. You’ll train your ability to organize information, foster deeper understanding of the subject and ultimately revise the information more efficiently.

Like our tips for blending videos into audio-visual learning? Share them with your classmates and teachers to revolutionize your learning style today!


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