Youtube Video Key Moments: How Timestamps help boost your marketing engagement

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Business, Creative

Why waste time watching full-length videos on YouTube when you only need a couple of seconds worth of information? Video timestamps are helping users get straight to the content that they need without having to sift through an entire clip. They allow you to set a link to a specific point in the video. Not only do video timestamps save you time, but they allow you to digest content in a more efficient way. This is a great way to promote key points as a content creator throughout your video and help you gain more exposure from searches.

What is a video timestamp on Youtube?

Originally called video timestamp, YouTube has renamed this feature Video Key Moments. This feature is similar to the index page in a book because it summarizes the content in the video. Then you can include the links to the different points of the video in the description. 

Users can use timestamps to jump to various points throughout the video to get the relevant information. These key moments will show on Google’s search results to help your video to get more exposure.

Why timestamps?

It can be a long process as a viewer sifts through video after video trying to find the specific answer they’re looking for. Timestamps help viewers easily find different parts of the video. By breaking the video up into chunks, viewers get a visual description of important information in the video. 

Why video key moments for marketers?

Everyone wants to capture the attention of viewers. Video timestamps are a great marketing tool to bring your videos to your target audience when used properly. Making key moments part of your video description will help optimize your YouTube content. This will help your video get in front of new potential viewers. You can also create a timestamp for your  Call-To-Action (CTA). This can be a subscribe button, a purchase link, or another action you’d like to see your viewers take. Including a timestamp for your CTA will bring more attention to what you want the viewer to do next.

How Write-on Video can help?

Write-on Video will create timestamps for your video automatically. When you create a pod and add a description in Write-on Video, this part of the video will be added as a timestamp when you choose to export to YouTube, allowing you to better plan out your content while you edit your video. 

To create timestamps with Write-on Video, you can follow these steps:

  • First, create a pod
  • Next, include a description for each of these pods
  • Once you have finished editing your content, export your project as a video
  • Choose to export the video to YouTube
  • Finally, you will see the timestamps in the default video description

Start Creating More Effective Videos

Timestamps are an effective way to improve your YouTube SEO. Plan and generate video outlines and timestamps at the same time. The process has never been easier than with Write-on Video!

Start including timestamps in your videos and increasing the exposure of your content by downloading Write-on Video for free.

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